Local Beer Observations: November


So we’re in the middle of San Diego Beer Week which is a cornucopia of parties, tastings, mini festivals and other beer related events.  If you are in San Diego this week, stop reading now and go enjoy the beer.  For the rest of us in Bakersfield, here’s some local beer stuff to chew on.


New to Town

Stone Brewing Company

Enjoy by 11.27.15 Black IPA – In the wake of the late Sublimely Self Righteous Black IPA, Stone is releasing this great new take on the Enjoy By Series.  This is the first Enjoy By Black IPA and it’s already available locally.  Get this sucker now or at least before Thanksgiving for best results.  Read more about it here.

Enjoy by 11.27.15 IPA – Also available now from Stone is Enjoy By 11.27.15.  This is always a great beer.  The last iteration of it seemed a bit boozy; hopefully this one is slightly mellower.

Sorry Not Sorry IPA – Very excited about this beer.  It’s a collaboration with 4 Hand Brewing Company and Bale Breaker Brewing Company that is brewed with experimental hops and pureed peaches.  Sorry Not Sorry should be showing up on shelves in Bakersfield soon if not already.  Check out Stone’s blog post on the beer here.

Lagunitas Brewing Company Born Yesterday Pale Ale Fresh Hop

This is kind of an after the fact.  Born Yesterday was born on 10/26 and available locally on 10/27.  Six packs and kegs were scattered across town for the last two weeks but are probably all but gone now.  This was such a fresh beer with tons of whole-cone wet hops added to make this beer super dank and crisp at the same time.  This was definitely a highlight in the beer world this year for me and I hope they do it again.

Bootleggers Craft Pub and Eatery

The new joint in town quietly opened over the weekend at 955 Oak St. in the old Coco’s building and already there is a nice little buzz about it.  With a tap list of at least 20 beers and an extensive menu of pub food it’s looking like we have a great new local spot to enjoy good beer and a bite to eat.  The current tap list is a good start.  As with most tap lists, it’s slightly IPA heavy but not obnoxiously.  Most, if not all of the beers have been around town in one format or another so originality isn’t an attribute just yet.  Hopefully in the future we can see some exclusives roll through once the buyer gets the program going.  Bootleggers should prove to be a wonderful addition to Bakersfield’s craft beer scene.


On Tap

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This weekend’s local beer hat trick!  Drink plenty of water and read on.

Wine Me Up!

This Thursday, Wine Me Up is hosting a barrel aged beer tasting at 6:00PM.  The cost is $20 per person.  Wine Me Up is consistently bringing tasting events to town and becoming one of the more active players in the Bakersfield craft beer industry.  Check out the lineup and details here.

Imbibe Wine & Spirits

Speaking of barrel aged beers, Imbibe is hosting a Firestone Walker Brewing Company meet and greet this Friday at 5:00PM.  This should be a fun night drinking some seriously complex beers and talking about them with representatives from Firestone.  Check out the lineup and details here.

Bacon and Craft Beer Festival

To round out this weekend’s beer trifecta is the Bacon and Craft Beer Festival.  What’s better than good beer and bacon?  Nothing.  The festivities kick off at 1:00PM (unless you get a VIP ticket then its 12:00PM) and costs $50 for general admission if you buy the tickets in advance (at your local Lengthwise location) or $60 at the door if they aren’t sold out.  Check out the event page for more details.



The Future

Dionysus Brewing Company

Things are finally starting to come around for Dionysus as they just recently had their application approved to become a licensed brewery.  A few more weeks and ABC approvals are all that stand in the way of Dionysus officially brewing beer and opening their tasting room to the public.  Looking forward to seeing what these guys are going to do.