On Tap: Moo Creamery 8/13/15



Moo is absolutely killing it!  They consistently have a wonderful variety of beers on tap and in bottles and cans.  Kim Jackson, the genius behind their beer selection goes out of her way to find great beers that you can’t get anywhere else in town.  You have to act fast and get over there pronto because they don’t seem to last long.  Here’s what Moo has on tap today:

Current Line Up

  • Mammoth Gooseberry Sour 7%

Tastes of berries and buttered toast

  • The Bruery Jardinier 4.9% IBU 35

Tastes of banana and flowers

  • The Bruery Mischief 8.5% IBU 21

Tastes of citrus, melon, pear, slightly peppery

  • Allagash Confluence 7.5%

Tastes of citrus, sweet and spicy

  • Alpine Duet 7% IBU 45

Tastes of peaches and apricots

  • Kern River Think Tank #5 6.5% IBU 70

Tastes of tropical fruit

  • Coronado 19th Anniversary IPA 9% IBU 80

Tastes of citrus, earthy and malty

  • Modern Times Black House (on nitro) 5.8% IBU 40

Tastes of chocolate and espresso

  • Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout 5.3% IBU 30

Tastes of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups