On Tap This Week 01/29/17

Temblor joins forces with Absolution Brewing and Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction, El Segundo brings Day One Power Plant to Imbibe, Tiki-Ko puts Bakersfield on the Tiki-map and more On Tap This Week.

Monday 1/30 – Steal the Pint this week at Bootleggers Craft Pub features Rush Day standout, All the Mornings Maple Stout from Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company! They start pouring at 6 pm.

Wednesday 2/1 – The weekly Steal the Glass event over at Eureka Burger starts at 6 pm. This week feature is Hibiscus Sour Wit from Belching Beaver. If you didn’t get a chance to try this at last week’s Imbibe event, here you go.

Wednesday 2/1 –Wednesday is Flights and Bites night at Moo Creamery. The pairing starts at 4 pm and goes until 9 pm. The lineup has not been finalized yet. Moo will post it on their social media sometime this week.

Friday 2/3El Segundo Brewing Company Day One program comes to Imbibe Wine and Spirit’s on Friday! This release features the 2016 Bistro tasting event gold medal winning Power Plant TIPA weighing in at 11% ABV. Bottles of Power Plant, available for purchase, will be super fresh, as in bottled that day fresh! There will also be other special releases available. Head to Imbibe to celebrate and drink fresh El Segundo beer. The event starts at 5 pm.     

For Your Ears

Mash Time – A Brewing Podcast – A local station for discussing home brewing and craft beer, hosted by Stuart Hoetker and John Agee out of Bakersfield CA. Keep an eye on Mash Time’s social media for the release of Episode 13.

IPA Today Podcast – A local podcast critiquing beers and wasting time. Hosted by Kenny and Richie with frequent appearances by Uncle Frank and Joey.

Bakersfield Craft Beer Blogging

The Local MashA blog about the Author’s adventures in fermentation, beer brewing, and commercial beer reviews. If you haven’t yet, check out The Local Mash on Facebook and like the page.

Things to Click

Click the links; you know you want to…

Local tiki bar, Tiki-Ko was recently included in LA Weekly’s: The 7 Best Tiki Bars in Southern California with some very prestigious company. Tiki-Ko features drinks with ingredients made in-house, a really cool atmosphere and most importantly (for this blog at least) a selection of local craft beer bottles as well as the requisite list of hipster beers. Tiki-Ko was also featured in today’s Bakersfield Californian’s: The Dish by Stefani Dias.

Stone Brewing Company’s 2017 release calendar is available here.  

Short and Sweet (or Sour)

Temblor Brewing Company just kegged a new batch of Hollow Body Pale Ale and bottling it this week. Check the brewery for fresh bottles this week and retail shelves next week. Spirit Walker Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout will be available in 22oz. bottles and on tap on the 8th of February and Rhapsody in Red hoppy red ale is scheduled to go on tap around the first of March. Streets of Bakersfield IPA is changing a bit. They’ve got a new logo and a new hop bill. They wanted their flagship IPA to be brighter with a lighter malt body, lower ABV, and a bigger hop presence. The new version comes in at 7% ABV with Amarillo and Experimental 682 hops. It’s now on tap at Temblor and will be available in 22oz. bottles this week.

In Temblor collaboration news, brewer Mike Lahti recently did a collaboration beer with Absolution Brewing out of Torrance CA and Stephen Perkins, the drummer from Jane’s Addiction. The beer is called Perkins’ Hoppy Belgian Pale and will debut at The Mint (not our local dive bar) in Hollywood CA on February 2nd with Perkins playing live with Hellride. The Bakersfield release will be at Temblor on February 16th and there is a planned meet and greet with Stephen Perkins at Temblor on February 18th.

Lengthwise Brewing’s new White IPA with Denali hops coming in at 6.8% is now on tap at the brewery.

There are still a few memberships available for the Local Craft Beer bottle membership get yours here: Eventbrite.com. Hop Drizzle IPA is available on tap and in bottles up the mountain at the brewery and BBA Bottlewine just got bottled for members.

I’m sure there is plenty more to talk about that I missed. Hit me up on social media or send me a message if you have something that needs to be included next week or have a beer related event you want to promote.



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